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This blog studies primarily the mainstreaming of the extreme right in liberal democracies, with a particular focus on the concepts of racism and populism.

Focusing on the populist rhetorical shift the extreme right undertook in the 1980s, the research published on this blog evaluates the impact of parties such as the Front National on public opinion, elections and politics more broadly.

It is also a collection of my other writings on topics usually related to exclusion and inequality.


I am a senior lecturer in French and Comparative politics at the University of Bath.

My research focuses primarily on the mainstreaming of the extreme right, and the impact of neo-racist and right-wing populist discourse on liberal democracies. My research interests are:

  • Racism, ‘neo-racism’ and Islamophobias in elite discourse
  • Right-wing populism and the people as a ‘threat’ to democracy
  • The extreme and radical rights and their influence on mainstream politics (historical and contemporary)
  • French and Australian modern and contemporary history and politics
  • The relationship between voting and democracy



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On politics, exclusion and discourse

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